Stephanie and Santiago

Love at first sight- every person’s dream occurrence that only seems to happen in movies… but not for these two! Stephanie & Santiago fell in love at first sight the moment they met – cue the romantic love story NOW! 🎬

Their story is like the plot of a lovely Hallmark movie! Stephanie & Santiago are both very strong and independent individuals that understand the value of patience. The important things in life should not be rushed, especially when it’s finding he person you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with. Where others would be uncomfortable waiting, Stephanie and Santiago had complete faith in God, knowing that he was molding them into they people they wanted to be. And by God’s plan, they found each other (in a church at that!) They first became friends, and slowly got to know one another. It didn’t take long for Santiago to gather up the courage to ask Stephanie out and the rest was history! This love was a unique feeling for the both of them and it’s SO noticeable how in love they are; every time I go through their photos it brings a smile on my face just seeing how deeply intertwined they are with each other.

With relationships like Stephanie & Santiago’s, it’s never a one way street; it’s always giving back and forth and helping one another as they grow through life. When it was time that Santiago wanted to propose, he set up an elaborate scheme to tell Stephanie about a family shoot he set up to bring her and all her family in one place for the big moment. When Stephanie told me the proposal story, you could tell with the enthusiasm in her voice about how much it meant to her that he planned all of this for her and made sure to include her family, who is so important to her as well. But, Santiago isn’t the only caring and thoughtful one in this relationship 😏 Stephanie goes the extra mile to take of Santiago; she knew he was trying to be healthy and stay in shape, so she helped Santiago stay on track and maintain his health by buying healthy groceries and cooking meals for the both of them so he wouldn’t have to be alone in this (we all know how tough healthy eating can be!). There are tons of stories I could tell about how deeply they care for each other, mentally, physically, and spiritually, but then this blog would go on forever!

I am very blessed to have met and witnessed Stephanie & Santiago’s story and I’m extremely happy they trusted me the capture their wedding day. Knowing Stephanie is knowing Santiago, knowing Santiago is knowing Stephanie – they are truly a match made in Heaven! I can’t wait to see where this next chapter of life leads them but as long as they have each other by their side and God in their hearts, they will conquer anything and everything they set their mind to. Here is to Mr. and Mrs. Valencia! 🎉

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: @The_belle_manor
Florist: @the_blossom_design_
Hair & Makeup: @joselopezbeauty
DJ: @barneylive
Videography: @topher.films
Photography: @chinsphotos