Kristina and Caleb

Houston MF Texas😎 Despite the cold weather, it was a warm day at the Sunset Coffee Building because Kristina & Caleb brought the heat! I’ve been ready for this day ever since their trendy engagement shoot in Downtown Dallas. These two picked Sunset Coffee Building as their venue because of the proximity to their favorite hotel, Hotel Icon- but that’s no surprise considering how ICONIC they are! But let me get this blog started before I keep rambling on about them. 😂
Typically with my blogs, I like to talk about a couple as individuals and as a unit but this one will be a bit different. Despite spending most of my day chatting with Caleb, he spent the whole time talking about Kristina. Caleb is a great man- he’s earnest and hardworking. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and stand for what he believes in. He deeply loves and cares for Kristina and isn’t afraid to show it. Caleb spoke of how amazing and pure hearted Kristina is; she stood with him lovingly during the tough times and not just the good times. She is the type of help build you up when you’re down and support you each step of the way. When he told me more about Kristina, I began to see it during every aspect of the day. Even though it was her big day, Kristina kept walking around and making sure all her family and friends were okay and having a good time. She pours her love and energy not only into Caleb, but to all of her friends and family, oh and her students too! Did I mention she was a teacher? It is only fitting considering how much she cares for others and wants them to succeed! Kristina and her fellow teacher friends were all enjoying themselves at her wedding and it was like how fun you’d imagine a teacher’s lounge was when you were a kid 😆
You know the love is real when you already feel apart of the family before officially being in the family. Caleb not only loves Kristina but also every individual in her family and Kristina loves Caleb and his entire family. This mutual love for family is a base ingredient to a healthy marriage! The day progresses and it was a very emotional ceremony; Kristina was tearing up and Caleb grabbed a napkin and dabbed her tears away. It was a touching moment for all of us to witness and just another great example of their never ending affection. 
After the ceremony, Kristina and Caleb were ready to PAR-TAY. After saying I do, they were ready to go on the dance floor and bust a move! The reception was lit to say the least😎 The rest of the night was filled with delicious food, tasty drinks, and amazing people!
A big congratulations again to the always amazing Mr. & Mrs. Brammer! I sincerely wish the two of you forever happiness and love for the rest of your lives and I can’t wait to see all that you will accomplish together! 
Thank you Kristina & Caleb for letting me capture your special day and shoutout to the other amazing vendors that made the day possible!

Wedding Vendors:
Planner: @ghettoclownstar
Venue: Sunset Coffee Building @buffalobayou
Florist: @inheritancefloralevents
Hair: @nyokagregorybeauty
Makeup: @yazminmakeupartistry
Décor: @tailoredmoments
Cake: @sweetnation_co
DJ: @dj_druw
Emcee: @coreyagreene
Catering: @cafenatalie
String Quartet: @divisistrings
Photo Booth: @htxphotobooth
Jeweler: @jewelry_depot_houston
Invitations: @papertieaffair_
Bartending: Andy Einhorn
Photography: @chinsphotos