Jessica and Lucas

As I arrived on this beautiful Thursday afternoon, I realized that I was in for something out of the ordinary. It was a December afternoon, but had I not known the month, I would’ve guessed it was an August afternoon. The warmth that enveloped me must’ve come from the power of love and that’s what I felt different today! Jessica and Lucas’s friends were just getting back from Rome a few days ago and they reconvened yesterday for their rehearsal dinner. With beautiful weather, an amazing venue, friends and family from all over, I think we have all the ingredients for THE perfect day!

Jessica and Lucas were friends before they started dating in high school and as we know, friendship is a great foundation for a blossoming relationship! Jessica and Lucas have been with each other in times of adversity, happiness, and all the emotions in between. They are a perfect, living example of the phrase “two is better than one”! 

Through their amazing wedding day, there was an abundance of laughter and tears of joy— but one of the most memorable moments of the night for me was the time of toasts and speeches. Wedding speeches can go many ways, from comedic lines to sentimental stories, but the one thing about the speeches from Jessica and Lucas’s friends and family was the consistency of love for the couple. Every person who made a toast had nothing but many stories of how amazing Jessica and Lucas are and those stories made me feel like (and wish that) I had known the two my whole life too! Friends like this are rare but it only makes sense when you are as great as Jessica and Lucas. 

Christmas had come early indeed! The feeling of family and friends was really exemplified this day and there was nothing more heartwarming than feeling included in the festivities throughout the day. Others may like spending their holiday season at home, but I find joy spending my time celebrating others’ monumental times in their life. People who are as enthusiastic about one another the way Jessica and Lucas are really refueled my passion for photographing weddings because they were not only excited about their wedding day, but their whole married life together. Seeing two people in love, especially a young couple like Jessica and Lucas, really shows that love has no concept of time— once you find the one you are destined to be with, go for it and treasure it! 

Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Santos! I wish you two a lifetime of happiness, love, and success. Can’t wait to see your love grow even more!

Wedding Vendors

Venue: @hiddengardensvenue
Florist: @lakeworthflorist
Hair: @kyanibeautylounge
Cake: @iracema.cakes
Catering: Amore’s Italian Restaurant
Videography: @neyejulia
Photography: @chinsphotos @dunlapfilms