Lauren and Chris

There couldn’t have been a better way to end 2020. Most people spend their time with good friends or family around them, but Lauren and Chris did that AND got married! Stepping into this new year as husband and wife is only the beginning of this new chapter in Mr. and Mrs. Phelps’s life!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lauren and Chris for a little over five months and every day has been splendid. It’s not that often I see couples near my age that have a crystal clear vision of who they want to spend the rest of their life with.

They met in college while Chris was playing baseball and although they went to different schools, they made out time to visit each other often. Chris proposed to Lauren in the middle of their vacation at Disney World. The whole time Chris had the ring in his pocket he was doing his best to keep his cool. Lauren noticed that he was acting a little strange when they got to Disney World but chalked it up to excitement and nerves.

The wedding day started off with brunch for Lauren and her girls where they all shared in the excitement of what’s to come in a few hours. They told stories of the experiences they had together and every now and then they would all burst out in laughter. Chris and his guys spent their time talking about what’s to come and reminiscing on their days of playing sports together. After the ceremony, Lauren and Chris rode off to their reception at the Sanctuary in a horse-drawn carriage. As they entered for their grand entrance, roars of cheering and applause were heard all around. They made a smooth transition into their first dance and afterwards table toasts were made by their guests. The night concluded with Lauren and Chris sharing their final dance and then had their grand exit.

Finding the person you’re destined to be with for the rest of your lives at this age is rare but definitely a huge blessing. Lauren and Chris have each other and their relationship will only continue to grow and strengthen each and every day. It was a pleasure to photograph your wedding Mr. and Mrs. Phelps! To a life of love and prosperity, and many, many more years to come!! 🥰