T’Andria and Jaylin

Amazing news: Jayce is on the way!! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing T’Andria and Jaylin’s engagement session, wedding, and now maternity session. Being able to capture these milestones in their lives and watch how they’ve grown makes it feel like I’m capturing memories with good friends.

We had the session at the Painted Lens Studio in Dallas and the different atmospheres the studio provided made it the perfect place for different outfits.

It’s evident that Jaylin and T’Andria love for each other has only gotten stronger since their wedding. The warmth that radiates from them only shows how great they’re going to be as parents. Their care-free, easygoing spirits show that nothing can faze them, especially if they’re together.

If Jayce is 1% like T’Andria and Jaylin, I already know he’s going to be an amazing child. Lots of smiling and laughter are on the horizon as we move closer to Jayce’s delivery. I’m excited for Jaylin and T’Andria as they step into this new milestone as a family of 3! Wishing y’all the best and hope to meet Jayce when he’s here!