Cristina and Collins

WWE music started playing. Something big was about to happen. The lights dimmed. Everybody got silent. The DJ stood there with a sly smile while the rest of us were confused as to what was about to happen. All of a sudden… Making his grand entrance into the reception area.. Was.. COLLINS’S BROTHER TRACY WITH THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT 😲!! WHAT AN ENTRANCE!!

Tracy talked about growing up with Collins, the good times they’ve had, and how he’s lucky to be here. Before he handed off the mic, he ended his speech with THE most impactful words I have heard to this day: “If you don’t remember anything else brother, remember that I will always love you and I’m proud of you”. As tears streamed down Tracy’s face, I could only imagine what he was feeling watching his brother become a married man today. I have brothers of my own and I can guarantee you that I will be crying like a baby if I’m giving a speech at their wedding. 😭

If anyone was to spend one evening with Cristina and Collins they would see how tightly-knit their families were. They have dated for almost a decade and I could tell tell they’ve been spiritually married way before today. The wedding only made their bond “official”.

Cristina and Collins, thank you. Thank you for putting your trust in me on one of the biggest days of your lives. Y’all are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. The number of friends and family that spoke nothing but amazing things about y’all show that your love is genuine and reaches everybody. I wish you nothing but the very best as y’all embark on the most fulfilling relationship y’all will ever have in your entire life. ❤️

Special thanks to all the vendors who made this day happen! Without everyone’s hard work and talent, this wedding wouldn’t have been possible.

Photographers: Chin’s Photos and Ojuice Films
Venue & Catering: The Bowden
Bakery: Legacy Cakes
DJ: CB Entertainment
Florist: Kreative Consultant
Makeup: Pretty On Premises
Officiant: Johnny Montgomery
Videographer: Wedding Video Pros of North Texas
Day-of Coordinator: Crowns and Cufflinks