Kobe’s Birthday

Kobe turned 1 this Monday July 13th and I wanted to make sure my boy knows exactly how much I love him 🥰. My girlfriend and I got Kobe a cake made from Three Dog Bakery. Never in my life have I seen Kobe more obedient than when the cake came out. He went from a 75% listening rate to 100% and focused on me.
I couldn’t fathom getting a dog when I had first moved into my place. It was my first time having my own place and I had so many things I needed to buy first that a dog wasn’t on the top of my priorities.
Growing up, my dad would always tell me “Man plans while God laughs”. I didn’t fully comprehend that quote until one of my friends happened to have puppies that they were giving out. In a way, you could say Kobe and I being together was God’s Plan. 🙏