Tammy and Sam

I remember Tammy telling me her vision for her and Sam’s engagement photos and I was sold when she mentioned Sam’s beach house. Tammy also wanted to take photos at another location called The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. I assumed it was just a regular field with some flowers and was in so much awe that we were taking their engagement photos at the beach that I didn’t think much about the other location. When I got off phone with Tammy and Sam, I Googled the flower fields my mind was blown at the size of the place. I didn’t know it was a huge ranch with OVER 50 ACRES OF FLOWERS and needless to say, I was beyond ecstatic for our upcoming session.

For Tammy’s birthday, Sam planned a weekend trip to Mammoth Lakes and invited Tammy’s 2 sisters Tamara and LoAnne. Tammy assumed this was simply a weekend getaway to celebrate her birthday but Sam had other plans 😏. Early Saturday morning, they woke up to walk around the area. They braved through the snow and morning grogginess to reach a prime picture spot. As they caught their breath, Sam signaled to Tamara and LoAnne that they should take photos at this breathtaking place. Tamara got her camera ready as LoAnne helped fix Tammy’s hair. When Tammy was ready for photos, she turned around and the look in her eyes when she saw Sam on one knee proposing was PRICELESS.

Tammy and Sam are an active couple and love spending their time outside. They love hiking the many trails available in California and go on walks (well, more like runs 😂) with their 3 dogs Dartagnan, Chewy and Hades. Because of COVID-19, they spent a lot more time together as they were working from The extended amount of time they got to spend with each other daily only solidified their love for each other and gave them the greenlight to take their relationship to the next level. ❤ With their wedding planning underway, Tammy is #BoutToBeABoutin and their families are about to become one!