Samantha & Bishara

The way Samantha and Bishara met played out like the perfect romance movie scene. Picture this, you’re standing in line at Whole Foods waiting to order a smoothie, then, the person in front of you orders exact same drink you were going to. This is the first time you’ve ever heard somebody else order that, and to make it even better, it’s a beautiful woman that you have to talk to.

In March of last year, Samantha and Bishara went to London for a vacation they had planned a while back. One evening, they stopped by Sky Garden on their way home from their night in the city. They sat around and enjoyed the atmosphere, chatting until the sun began to set. Instantly, Bishara got down on one knee and popped the question while Samantha was at a lost for words. The best part was that Bishara had everything recorded and the two of them will forever have this precious memory to enjoy.

We picked the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to have their engagement session because this is an area Samantha and Bishara visit often. This marvelous area has over 200 acres to explore and we didn’t even get to see more than 5% of it during the shoot! I always love when my couples introduce me to new locations as there are tons of places out there I don’t know about. I can’t wait until September when Samantha and Bishara tie the knot! 🎊✨