Emily and Austin

Today, at the Grand Ivory, we have two amazing people getting married! For Austin and Emily‘s love story, I couldn’t think of a more elegant and fitting place. Emily and Austin are high school sweethearts stepping into the new year as a married couple! Friends and family gathered from across town and flew in from overseas to come witness their marriage.

During the wedding reception, Emily and Austin left to change into their Hanbok (Traditional Korean Clothing) for the Paebaek ceremony. Paebaek is a Korean wedding ritual where the bride is formally introduced into the groom’s family. I especially liked the part where Austin carried Emily and his mom on his back proving that he is able to support his family. 😎 Towards the end of the ceremony, Austin’s parents threw a handful of dates and chestnuts toward Emily and Austin! The number of dates and chestnuts they catch in the cloth represent the number of children they will have— dates representing sons and chestnuts representing daughters.

However, the party didn’t end there! Later that evening, pizza, coffee, and hot chocolate was served to help everyone make it to midnight. I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than as a married couple with all your loved ones! With the combination of family, new year goals, and a lifetime together forever, I wish Emily and Austin nothing but grand times this 2022!

Wedding Vendors

Venue: @thegrandivory
Rentals: @simplychicrentals
Wedding Planner: @wineglassevents
Make-up Artist(s): @sheisartbeauty
Florist: @gratefulfloraleventdesign
Catering: @patrioticpigweddings
DJ: @dj.grapevine
Invitations: @truly.engaging
Bartending: @dfwbartending
Photography: @chinsphotos @dunlapfilms