The Bowden | India and Toni

You know you’re in for a great day whenever you’re at the Bowden! It has been a while since I’ve last photographed here, that time being spring of 2020 celebrating Cristina and Collin’s wedding. Today felt a lot different (mainly because of the Texas heat!) seeing the venue 2 years later, but I knew the day was going to be overflowing with love, excitement, and contagious energy! The Bowden is a modern, elegant venue located in Keller, Texas with a breathtaking chapel paired with a grand reception area. For India & Toni’s wedding, the tables were garnished with arrangements of white flowers, green foliage, and pinecones, giving it a unique touch of modern & Boho. The chapel had an arch with the same theme as the table arrangments and its beauty was emphasized with the abundance of natural light seeping through the large windows. Everything was set in place for this to be a day to never forget!

India and Toni are two people who don’t waste any time when it comes to knowing somebody. They’re not afraid to ask deep questions because they know but at the end of the day, those are things that truly matter. On their first date, they talked about a variety of topics, from upbringing to hobbies/interest to life goals. With all these genuine discussion topics, you wouldn’t have thought it was their first time meeting each other! Whatever you put out you will receive and India and Toni are a living testament to a match made in heaven. 
Toni prepared a romantic and elaborate plan to propose to India. India once jokingly told Toni that she wants a proposal with her friends and family at home – so Toni made it happen! He spent 4 months making preparations to invite both of their families and mutual friends and staging a fake event for her to come home to. When they arrived, she was completely blown away by the surprise and being surrounded by all her loved ones. Toni & India share a mutual love for poetry, so to top off the night, Toni recited a poem called “Leap Year”, to signify their proposal on February 29th and the rest is history! 
Like any wedding day there was a lot going on; Toni and his groomsmen were vibing in the room getting ready and taking pictures while India and her girls getting ready and opening gifts. The bridal party all together counted for 24 people, so of course there was a lot of high energy paired with big love for the couple. The bridal party portraits were a breeze with such a good looking group compared with a good looking venue! 

Once the ceremony began, emotions were at an all time high. You would think that since this is their second wedding (They had a traditional Nigerian wedding before this!) people might be a little less emotional that day, but that thought couldn’t be more wrong! As India and Toni recited vows, you could feel how deeply they love and cherish each other. I too had a grin on my face as I couldn’t be more happier for such a beautiful couple, inside and out!
Once the ceremony ended, people were definitely ready to celebrate and party! A key moment from the day was definitely when Toni’s fraternity, (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc) surrounded India and serenaded her – it was an amazing scene to see as Toni’s closest friends show love to his new wife! Following that, India’s sorority, (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc) also serenaded her, showing that their ties really run deep! India & Toni not only found their true love for life, but they also found their friends for life. A true blessing!
The party never ends is the life of the party is your significant other and India and Toni embody that!  Having a tight-knit group of friends and family only make life sweeter and it was great to witness the love between everyone. Whenever you’re building one another up, the sky is the limit! Wishing India & Toni a blessed marriage and life together! 

Wedding Vendors:
Planner: To The Wire Event Planning
Dress: @blushing_bride_btq
Suit: @franklinandanthony
Hair: @luxlocsbyg
Coordinator: @thebowdenvents
Venue: @thebowdenvents
Florist: Tina’s Treasure Box
Makeup: @_makeupbymonet
Cake: @brownencakes
DJ: @djc.had
Videography: @ojuicefilms
Photography: @chinsphotos @fancyfigphoto