Shelbi & Mason Engagement Session

It was a special August evening as I headed to the Arbors in Plano for Shelbi & Mason’s engagement session… but to my surprise, my favorite area to shoot at was closed for maintenance! I won’t say that I didn’t have a mini panic attack (because I’m sure it flashed across my face haha), but I did the best thing to do in that situation – figure something out. Thankfully, Shelbi and Mason didn’t mind the small wait while I found a new spot and it didn’t take long because the Arbors is a huge, beautiful location.

One of the first things I noticed when I met Shelbi and Mason was their evident love for one another AND their unconditional love for their dogs, Finn and Olive. Being important members of their family, Shelbi and Mason wanted to include their dogs in their photos and I am all for that. For those who don’t know, I love dogs, you can ask my dog Yuki! But I also understand that getting dogs to sit still for photos is akin to telling kids to stay put. Yuki made sure I knew this. 😂

With the power of walking through the trails to tire the dogs a little, a wonderful couple (whose doggies listen to them!) and a camera that can photograph in burst, we made magic happen 😎