Marlina and Nathan

A beautiful day in nature with a beautiful couple, what could be better?! 😊

Marlina & Nathan’s engagement session took place at Brazo Bluffs Stables. It was a place I’ve never been near before and I was a little nervous on how the place would look, but once I saw the river that stretched before us, I was filled with awe. The combination of the sunset, trees, and river came together making the PERFECT backdrop for Marlina and Nathan’s engagement photos.

Marlina & Nathan are a very kind-hearted couple who share strong roots in faith and family. Some might say they are a match made in Heaven! You can see the pureness of their love in this photoshoot with their genuine laughs and intimate interactions. 
I am so excited to be apart of their life journey as we wait for their wedding to approach in 19 days! Stay tuned for more Marlina & Nathan as we countdown the days ’til they tie the knot! 💍💒