Kristina and Caleb

These two have such amazing chemistry together that when I first met them I thought they were Chemistry majors (ba-dum-tsss) 🤣! In all seriousness, you can’t mention Kristina without mentioning Caleb. That’s worse than saying peanut butter and forgetting jelly. Kristina is from New York and Caleb is from Michigan, yet through the magic of mutual friends, they met and hit it off instantly in Texas! After a couple of movie nights and trying new recipes together, Caleb and Kristina went to Colorado on vacation together. The view from the mountains is unmatched and what better thing is there to do in Colorado besides hike? (well… !🙊)

Kristina and Caleb hiked up the mountain trail before reaching a nice flat spot they could take a breather. With a breathtaking view in front of her, Kristina was mesmerized and caught by complete shock when she saw Caleb dropping onto one knee. To make things even better, Caleb managed to catch this on video allowing them to relive this milestone. This means that they’re set to get married in Houston come January and we can’t wait! Counting down the days till their big day!

We planned the engagement session for the evening time to avoid the Texas heat, but I didn’t plan for the heat Kristina and Caleb were going to bring🥵Whenever it came to poses Caleb and Kristina basically did my job for me. It felt like I was photographing my friends with how comfortable they were despite my camera pointing at them. We got to a point where I didn’t even have to tell them to kiss anymore! I’d simply put them in a pose and while I’m fiddling with my camera they’re stealing a few kisses. Like their personalities, their outfits complimented each other perfectly and their attention to detail is second to none – check out Caleb’s socks matched to Kristina’s dress!  😎

The whole shoot Kristina and Caleb were serving looks and I know for a FACT they will do the same thing in January at their wedding. Stay tuned for more of this lovely duo when they tie the knot! 💍