Sophia and Raul

Nothing like starting off your week with a beautiful engagement shoot! I had the pleasure of photographing Sophia and Raul at the Kimbell Art Museum and Trinity Park both in Fort Worth.

Raul and Sophia go way back. They met and became friends in middle school and went to rival high schools. Because they were going to rival schools, they stopped talking to each other. KIDDING! They got busy with life but reconnected after university.

One evening, Sophia thought that they were just getting dinner and assumed nothing suspicious. Raul on the other hands was trying his best to keep his cool with the ring box in his pocket. They got in their car and drove downtown arriving at a parking garage. Raul parked on the top floor. He got out first. She got out too. Sophia turned around and saw Raul down on one knee with, ring box in his hand, with a beautiful sunset around them illuminating the sky.

The bond Raul and Sophia share is undeniably strong. During our shoot, I would often find Raul getting lost in Sophia’s eyes whenever he looked at her. When we arrived at a new scene, I would have poses ready for the next shot, but the candid interactions between Raul and Sophia were better than any of the poses I had in my head.

Raul and Sophia, it was a pleasure capturing your engagement session! May you two continue growing in love each and every singe day. ❤️