Monica and Tim sitting at the Kimbell Art Museum holding hands

Kimbell Art Museum Engagement Session | Monica and Tim

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to meet Monica and Tim and photograph their engagement session. We had the session at the Kimbell Art Museum and Tandy Hills in Fort Worth because the locations fit Monica and Tim’s vision for the shoot. I was a little nervous starting the shoot because the day we happened to pick was the day prom was happening and there were an abundance of people also taking photos. That didn’t bother Monica and Tim one bit – they were still able to be themselves without feeling awkward in front of the crowds or the camera!

I got acquainted with Monica and Tim back in February; I remember coming home from dropping my sister off at the airport and running late for our initial call. I asked them if I could push the call a bit and they didn’t mind one bit, which I was very appreciative for because I know that time is important for all of us and I didn’t want to inconvenience them with my delay. From the get go, Monica & Tim showed that they were a kind and genuine couple that are so in love!

Monica & Tim are a very playful couple and there was not one dull moment with them. Whether it’s making faces at one another while posing or tickling each other, there were always genuine interactions and laughter that I never had to force to make happen! Monica & Tim are the type of couple that have no difficulty meeting new people and conversing with them – as soon as we met, within 5 minutes we were all talking like we knew each other for years!

This engagement shoot allowed me to get to know the couple on a deeper level; they were no longer just names on my phone/emails! I got to know their ideas for their wedding and aspirations for the big day. Meeting them in person let their full personalities and characters come to life and it makes me so much more excited to be able to capture their wedding day knowing who they are as people.

The countdown to October 2022 begins now!