Joly Senior Photos

Where has the time gone?! Seems like only yesterday I was meeting Joly for the first time through her sorority sister Tamara and now she’s a TCU alumni!

When I first met Joly she didn’t talk much. Our friend group was talking about how much homework we had that week, upcoming exams, and trying to figure out when we could all study at the library. The second the topic switched over to video games, Joly’s eyes lit up. I saw this and asked her what games she played and she proudly replied with “Fortnite!” As expected, we teased her for it only to find out that she’s actually good at it.

I know for a fact that Joly has a bright future ahead of her because she’s smart, hard working, and able to continue doing the things she loves despite others teasing her for it. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Joly ends up a famous streamer with her Fortnite gameplay in the future. When that happens, remember that you heard it here first! 😁