Its an amazing experience a close friend grow and reach milestones. I met Isuru freshman year and among the memories we shared two of them are vivid in my mind. The first one was the time we performed in SAICA’s Mela festival at TCU. It was my first time publicly dancing in front of a crowd and I was terrified, but Isuru told me not to worry about messing up and instead to focus on having fun. That erased the fear I had and I was able to enjoy performing. (PS: I manged to not mess up too badly.🤣) The second one was the time we spent talking in the library when I was having difficulty navigating through college and came to confide in him. I saw Isuru as an older brother despite knowing him for less than a year at the time because of the way he treats people. Isuru helped me handle the issues I was facing and reminded me that he’s always here if I ever needed anything. Anybody that has come in contact with Isuru knows that he’s a very hard working man with a busy schedule, but he ALWAYS makes time for people if they need his help no matter what.

It was an honor taking Isuru’s graduation photos. Isuru is a testament to what it means to excel and lead by example. Seeing the things he was involved in while balancing work and school motivated me to do more and get involved as well. I know that I would not be the person I am today if wasn’t blessed to have Isuru in my life.

Isuru, congratulations my brother. First was finishing undergrad, and now you’ve finished your masters. I know that this is not the end of your journey and there’s a lot more you have planned. I just want you to know that I am always in your corner rooting for you.