Erica and Jimmy

Wow. Just wow. This is the second wedding I had the honor of being the main photographer for. I want to first congratulate Erica and Jimmy on their marriage. With the amount of love they have there won’t be any obstacle they can’t cross together.

I first met Erica and Jimmy around Christmas time last year when Erica contacted me looking for a wedding photographer. Through our first few interactions I instantly knew they were my type of people. I’m not a picky person, but I like my Brides and Grooms to be people that meet¬† 2 criteria:

  1. Be MADLY in love.
  2. Love to have a good time.


Erica and Jimmy exceed both of these criteria and the whole day was a blast. Their wedding was held in Robert Carr Chapel in Fort Worth Texas on the beautiful campus of Texas Christian University. The festivities continued at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas just down the street and believe me when I say this couple knows how to party!

Check out some of the amazing photos from that spectacular day.