Dianca and Terrance

Hello all you beautiful faces! I hope everyone staying cool in this Texas heat. Dianca and Terrance Petty are a match made in heaven!! I had the pleasure of meeting them over a year ago when we first started talking about their wedding day and it’s been an honor following their journey together. Dianca brings the party with her wherever she goes and anyone who has spent a some time around her knows there’s never a dull moment! Terrence has his own aura and you’ll always see him with a smile. Whether he’s put these guys getting ready cracking jokes, or at the altar looking at his beautiful wife-to-be, he knows life is a blessing and is always appreciative.

When Terrance met both of Dianca’s parents and at that moment she knew he was the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with. When Terrance spoke to Dianca‘s parents, he promised Dianca’s mother that he will take care of her. Dianca’s mother passed away a few years ago and not a single second passed where Terrance didn’t honor his promise. Christmas of 2020 was a special day, firstly because it’s Christmas, but more importantly, because that was the day Terrance proposed to Dianca in front of her brother and father to Dianca’s surprise! Terrance is a man of his word.

Terrance and Dianca’s wedding day was a celebratory day with the theme of Louisiana meets Dallas. Dianca’s a Saints fan and Terrance is a Cowboys Fan (Go Cowboys!!) and they had custom umbrellas made with their names and team logo on that they paraded around the reception hall with. This goes to show you that they’re not only creative with what they do, but smart as well as the temperature was in the low 100’s that day so the umbrellas really helped! With a lifelong partner who brings out the best in you and adds zest to your life, Dianca and Terrance are prepared to embark on their journey together as a married couple and I know there’s NOTHING that will hold them back. 😎 Dianca and Terrance, I wish you two nothing but the utmost joy and happiness and I hope that each and every day is better than the last! 💕