Cindy and Sergio

I remember it like it was yesterday. A beautiful evening where flowers, trees and love was in bloom! I had the pleasure of photographing Cindy and Sergio’s engagement session and I don’t need to tell you how marvelous they looked as the picture speak for themselves. Their sense of style and passion the for one another made the shoot *chef’s kiss*. 

We were at the Kimbell Art Museum, one of my favorite locations to shoot at with its neutral color palette and modern architecture. Like any other afternoon at the Kimbell, there were other people taking photos ran into Yusuf and James some good friends during our time at the Kimbell. 

We started off with photos of Cindy and Sergio and like I was saying the 🔥 was there! After a few shots we let Missy join them and she was the perfect addition to the shoot. Well behaved and adorable, Missy shared in the excitement and added to it.

With the engagement session a success, we’re looking forward to their wedding day 4 months away!