Brandon and Hélène

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we wanted to have a shoot at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. Starting early in the morning would let us avoid the heat while being able to catch all the beautiful things in nature such as the trees and flowers that decorated the area. 

Brandon and Hélène are two people that understand one another. Now, there’s a difference between knowing someone and understanding them. When you know someone, you can predict what they’re going to say in the specific situation. But when you understand someone, you know what they’re going to say AND you the things that go into their decision of saying those things. It’s through this understanding that they’re able to effortlessly grow with one another because as they pour into one another, they provide nutrients into the root of their understanding other each other and by doing so their roots become more and more intertwined.

Brandon in Hélène love paddle boarding and make an effort to go regularly. I can barely swim, but the excitement that exuded as they shared their experiences only only made me want to put on a few life vest and go find a paddle boarding place myself!

When they’re not out and about at one of their nearby favorite restaurants or hard at work, they enjoy each other’s company watching TV and movies together or playing video games aside one another.

With the wedding year and a half away, Brandon and Hélène have started planning and putting together the wedding details now because they do not want to wait until the end and have to rush everything. From securing vendors early to having their engagement session now instead of next year, Brandon and Elaine embody “why do later when you can do now”. This push towards action is what helps them build the future that they want together as they’re both helping each other make these moves happen.