Alexis and Chase

Downtown Dallas looks more gorgeous when these two lovebirds are in it! I had the pleasure of capturing Alexis and Chase’s engagement session last week as we enjoyed the evening in Dallas.
Alexis and Chase love travelling and staying active. A few days before this shoot they were getting back from their friend’s wedding in Houston and will be heading out for another one in less than 2 weeks! While Chase and Alexis love to hike, we decided a simple stroll through the city would be more fitting for the type of photos they wanted.
Because the wind wasn’t playing nice, we had to do a few retakes which can be tiring, but Chase was able to keep things going smoothly by helping fix Alexis’s hair whenever he could and keeping a smile on her face even when the camera’s not on. 🥰
It was a lovely evening getting to know Alexis and Chase and this make me more excited to photograph their wedding coming up in less than 2 months! We’ll be headed to Houston so you definitely won’t want to miss it! 😎